8 Benefits of Wine for Natural Beauty Care

The grapes are popularly referred to as the Queen of Fruits and grouped into three types based on the color, namely red, green, and black / blue. The wines included in the group of fruit Vitaceae. The wine can also be eaten raw or processed into juice, wine, jelly, jam, or grape seed oil. In addition to good health, grapes also provide many benefits for skin health and beauty. The amount of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in the grapes proved to maintain a healthy body, skin, and hair.
Here are the benefits of grapes for beauty.
1. Anti-Aging
Free radicals are the main cause of aging problem that is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin. Antioxidants exist in wine protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and black spots, keeping the skin elasticity and improving blood circulation to the skin a healthy glow of youth. The content of vitamin E to keep skin softness, it is no wonder that wine can be used as a natural moisturizer.
2. Brighten Skin Color
The wine can help brighten uneven skin tone. A mixture of wine and honey when used regularly on face for 20-25 days will produce a brighter skin.
3. Protect from Sunlight
Flesh of fruit and grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol which works as an antioxidant. The use of grape seed extract on the skin can protect UV radiation. In addition, its function as well as sunscreen, that reduces redness caused by sunburn and lift dead skin cells are damaged. Therefore, the content in this wine is often used as an ingredient in sunscreen lotions.
4. fade Dark Spot
Green grapes help diminish scars caused by acne. The content of vitamin C it breaks down tissue in the wound so that helped also in skin repair. Use grape juice oada face and leave for 15 minutes. Wine mask is very helpful fade and brighten various black spots on the face, including black spots and acne scars.
5. Renew Skin Cells
Some useful organic acids in wine rejuvenate skin cells. Vitamin C is required the formation of collagen. 70% of human skin formed by collagen and collagen is very important in cell growth and blood vessels. In addition, the wine can keep the skin from various diseases by removing poisons from the body. Resveratrol in grape plants can prevent the skin from bad weather and ageless skin.
6. Hair Growth
Free-radical scavengers on the wine can improve blood circulation in the scalp thereby accelerating hair growth. The oil extracted from grape seeds are easily absorbed by the scalp so that makes hair soft, shiny and manageable.
7. Hair Care dandruff
Hair treatments using grapeseed oil can fight itchy scalp or so-called seborrheic dermatitis. In addition these oils can also moisturize the scalp dry and cracked.
8. Hair Loss Treatment
Vitamin E and linoleic acid contained in grape seed oil strengthens hair follicles, making hair strong and healthy. Not only that, hair tangled, broken, and branching can also be overcome with grape seed oil.

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