A glass of milk

One day, a poor boy who lives darimenjual goods from door to door, Motivator Indonesia
found that the left had only one thin beberapasen his money, and he was hungry.
The boy decided to ask makanandari next house.
But he lost his nerve saatseorang young woman opened the door.
The boy does not ask for food, he just beranimeminta glass of water.
The young woman saw, and thought that it looked hungry anaklelaki,
therefore he brought me a glass of milk.
He drank it slowly, and kemudianbertanya,
“How much do I have to pay for a large glass susuini?”
The woman replied:
“You do not have to pay anything.”
“Mother has taught us never accept bayaranuntuk goodness” the woman added.
The boy was then spent his milk danberkata: “From my heart I thank padaanda.”
Many years later, the young woman mengalamisakit very critical. Sudahtidak The local doctors were baffled.
They finally sent her to the big city, dimanaterdapat specialists capable menanganipenyakit endangered.
Dr. Howard Kelly was called for melakukanpemeriksaan. When he heard the name of the town siwanita,
a strange light filled the eyes dokterKelly.
Immediately he rose and went down through hallrumahsakit toward her room.
Dressed in robes of medicine he went siwanita it.
He immediately recognized the woman in sekalipandang.Ia then went back to the consultation room and decide to make the best effort
to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the kasuswanita.
After a long struggle, akhirnyadiperoleh win … The woman was healed !!.
Dr. Kelly requested the business office untukmengirimkan the final bill kepadanyauntuk approval.
Dr. Looked at it, then wrote something on the sheet padapojok bill, and then mengirimkannyake patient rooms.
She feared to open it, iasangat sure that he will not be able to pay tagihantersebut although it must be repaid
Finally he ventured to read tagihantersebut, and there is something interesting perhatiannyapada top corner of the charge sheet.
She read these words ..
“Paid in full with one glass of milk ..”
Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.
Tears of joy flooded her eyes. He prayed: “Lord, thank you, that your love has memenuhiseluruh earth through human hearts and hands”

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