Breadfruit Leaf Benefits For Kidney, Diabetes, Heart And How To Process

The existence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases more and more sought after. Benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be a healing alternative health disorders without the expensive cost.

How to cultivate breadfruit leaves become a natural ingredient varies depending on the type of disorder that affects a person.

Do not let one cultivate it because it could be bad for your health.

breadfruit plant leaf propertiesBenefits of breadfruit leaves as an herbal remedy various ailments

Besides the fruit can be consumed as snack chips, breadfruit tree also save million benefit on its leaves.

Generally, the herbal medicine made from the leaves mixed with boiled and drunk the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then drunk directly or added to other herbal ingredients.

What are the content of breadfruit leaves Useful For Health?
Breadfruit leaf properties for treating dangerous diseases such as kidney, gout to diabetes can be seen from the content in it.

Some natural substances such as hidrosinat acid, tannins, riboflavin, helpful asetilcolin to fight the sources of dangerous diseases.

Recently a modern study conducted a researcher from China, the research found the facts if the function is very useful breadfruit leaves for the healing of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Herbs For Diseases

  1. Useful to treat gout
    Choose fresh leaves are not perforated, smooth and clean using a cloth if the surface is dirty. Wash the leaves are then cut into pieces and then dried by drying or aerated.

    The benefits of dried breadfruit leaves can cure gout how to prepare 15 grams of dry leaves, a handful of leaves Greges muscle (bibitungan), honey or rock sugar to taste and 1 cup boiling water.

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