Caring for Drinking Water Dispenser

You are dependent on the availability of drinking water in a gallon of bottled water usually has a water dispenser to make it easier to take the water.

Water dispenser that you have might just be a ceramic container with a tap or a sophisticated electric dispenser with the ability to provide hot water and cold water.

For dispensers of ceramic containers, you just have to get used to clean the container and the tap regularly so that no moss.

As for the electric dispenser, there are some things you should notice that your dispenser durable. Treatment drinking water dispenser with electricity started even since the first dispenser that you bought came home and started operating

Upon arrival the drinking water dispenser at home, do not directly operate dispenser, at least during the first two to four hours for the oil in the compressor may not yet stable due to shocks while on the way from the store to home.

If you want to move the dispenser , take the dispenser in an upright position. Do not carry the dispenser in a tilted position let alone to put to sleep. The slope of the dispenser can be tolerated only at 45 degrees. If this slope exceeds the oil that is in the compressor will rise and lead to water that comes out to be not cold.

Avoid dispenser of hot sun in a direct order not to affect the quality of drinking water in gallon, besides the hot temperatures will affect the performance of your dispenser machine.

If water is limited to the neck gallon live, immediately turn off the power supply to avoid the danger of a short circuit. We recommend that you spend in the water dispenser gallon immediately and replace with a new one.

If you want to clean the inside of the dispenser, mix vinegar into the remaining cooking water is still there, let sit for a moment and then remove the water mixed with vinegar through the tap dispenser. To eliminate the scent of vinegar, put more water into the container and remove the dispenser again through the tap. After you make sure there is no aroma of vinegar, then a new gallon already be reassembled.

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