Cultivation Tips Star Fruit Is Sweet

There are several steps that must be taken in the cultivation of sweet star fruit for maximum results. First stage is tillage. Land cultivated and hoed or plowed.

Once hijacked, make the planting hole size of 60 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm with a hole distance of 5 m. the rest of the land could be made ditch. Separate dugouts top layer to the bottom of 30 cm and the contents of mature compost as much as 40 kg and then let stand for 3 weeks.

Cultivation Tips Belimbing Manis

The next stage is to prepare a sweet star fruit seedlings. Use seed originating from improved varieties, which is derived from grafting or grafting. In addition, the seeds do not defective, must be oral, disease-free and do not mix with other varieties.

Examples of improved varieties is the fruit that is sweet, high quality, production is high, stress and disease-resistant and able to adapt to a new location.

For planting sweet star fruit tree seedlings can be planted in open fields or gardens if height has reached 50-100 cm. However, if the seeds will be grown using a polybag, then the polybag must be opened before planting. Only after the seed is inserted into the planting hole provided. Seeds should be right in the middle of the hole.

Only after that hole under the soil as he pressed down and Mirik toward strong roots up so the plants are not easy to shake when the wind blows. To avoid stress, the plant should be kept watered. If the seeds are planted result of grafting or grafting the connections limit should be located 5-10 cm above the ground.

Now regarding the maintenance phase. Flush the plant every day in the morning and afternoon. way to provide a pinhole on the bottom side of the former botok mineral water and then fill ¾ water and leave it empty top. After that, plug it into the ground.

In addition to the bottle, it could be a perforated interval of the needle next to it and connected to the water tower. To eradicate weeds, can be a way hoe or carded just do not damage the plants.

After that, the crop that is not too tall and not waste too tight buds. Lastly, do thinning by removing fruit stunted, twisted or deformed so that the resulting higher quality fruit.

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