Fearfully earthquake in Kumamoto Prefekture Territory

Earthquake survival kit – 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture on Saturday at 01:25 local time on Friday (15/4) at 23.25 pm. Earlier in the same area, namely in Kumamoto Prefecture with the power of 6.4 magnitude on Thursday (14/4) at 21:27 local time or 20:03 pm. TSB large magnitude earthquake devastated the Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan country.

Kyushu island including the four islands known and much visited by tourists, both local and foreign. Prefekture Kumamoto has a population of approximately 2 million inhabitants, which means that as many as 2 million people there are victims of the earthquake TSB.

Not only the loss of life, but property and public facilities were also severely damaged. Houses have been destroyed, buildings collapsed, collapsed bridges, roads and transport links were badly damaged.

Air transport, land, all affected by the quake Dasyhat TSB. Even fast trains transport lines featured ‘Shinkansen’ also severely damaged and some are slipping, although not until the casualties. Shudder when seeing the video that can be seen in how many Japanese newspapers online, the rubble of buildings, and roads collapsed because of the earthquake.

There are about 200 citizens in Kumamoto Prefecture epicenter. About 60 of whom were students and 50 more apprentices. Though the news is still confusing about casualties, but we hope that Indonesian citizens who settled there in the state in good health, some kompasianer living in Japan hopefully be given health and not included in the affected areas.

If watching the news in online media, the people there were running low on food. Perhaps because the badly damaged transport lines and aftershocks that come constantly, resulting in supply aid hiccup.

Several countries have sent aid, such as the country of Taiwan. I had even read, the mayor of Tainan (southern Taiwan) donated a month’s salary to help the earthquake victims in Kumamoto Prefecture.

It TSB do not solely as consideration for Japan often help the country they will be affected if, as some time ago an earthquake struck the country of Taiwan. What about our country, I had no news regarding the assistance to be provided to victims in Kumamoto Prefecture.

But of BNPB claimed to be ready if needed to help the victims of earthquake in the land of cherry TSB (Source: here ) Although not being there, but I can feel the pain they are experiencing, like earthquakes and tsunamis ever to hit our country.

The earthquake in Japan is quite common, when a small earthquake could almost feel each month. Although not too many know the country challenged the Japanese, spent several years of experience there made me a lot to know how they prepare themselves if an earthquake occurs at any time.

And Indonesia are also included which are in the collision zone of three major plates of the world and a number of other microplate. In fact, compared to Japan which is known as one of the countries most vulnerable to earthquakes, the number of earthquakes in Indonesia is higher.

Some of the things that I have learned and become its own experience living in the land of cherry, made me understand why countries are better prepared for earthquakes Japan compared to our country.

Preventing early things we do not want in the event of earthquake, would be better, in addition to minimizing casualties. Doing exercises or simulations of earthquakes, already applied in the land of cherry page.

Not only do in the company, but had been taught since he was a child. In our country also has begun to do if an earthquake simulation, but still limited and Its targets only for a region that is often madly earthquake.

If the company Japan in Indonesia, or earthquake simulation exercises are often done at least twice within a period of one year. Simulation Exercise If Earthquake Occurs When only a few months working in the country of Japan, I obtain lessons on handling simulation in case of an earthquake.

Earthquake can not predict when it happens, by because they were each company in Japan will perform simulations of earthquakes occur at least twice a year. Initially will be explained how the simulation clock will start, if the rallying point of the area during an earthquake is possible to save themselves, but if not emerged from the building then there are things that will be taught also to be safe during earthquakes.

Then there is the division of tasks in the simulation will be, there are parts that save employees by means up out of the emergency exit, saving the company’s assets and help the victims who suffered injuries to call an ambulance for further treatment. All depends on the conditions, if the quake was strongly felt that the main priority was to save ourselves each before helping others.

Practice save themselves and then save others is emphasized in Japan. In fact, since I was in kindergarten, they’ve been introduced to disaster risks.Like so enter primary school, one of the equipment that must be taken students are helmets and protective headgear pillow.

Hiding under the desk or in the Closet If an earthquake happens when we’re in the building, away from the emergency exit, it is suggested not to run out of fear can harm themselves. It could be time to run the fall of material from the top, or tripping because there is rubble from the earthquake.

When the simulation is done also described to avoid things that are not desirable should we seek shelter, such as under desks, in closets or places where we feel safe to take shelter. Initially I did not understand why it should take cover under a desk or in a closet.

Why did not run out, right hazard if the building collapses and eventually bury us alive ‘my mind’, as described new I understand the intent and . Cherry country is famous for its technology, such as the weather forecast that nearly 99% accurate.

What about a hurricane (Taifu), I never felt how the storm hit the area where I live Kakegawa area more precisely in Mori Mori Machi. long before the typhoon came, had no information when a hurricane will hit the area where I live.

The good, in addition to the information given almost every day, it is also very helpful for people to preparing the arrival of a hurricane. Well if an earthquake, to which small forces often I feel, but sometimes there are big namum only occurs a few seconds. Earthquakes almost certain when it comes from, for that is what needs to be done exercises and ways of handling during earthquakes.

Back to the topic, as of this writing, the distribution of aid is still hampered road access conditions that are not easily traversed by a vehicle. Currently they need is clean water, rice and other foods. In addition to the bad weather, aftershocks are still prone to occur, their priorities are not only saving but also personal safety is much more important.

Although they are better prepared for earthquakes, but in conditions like that, certainly there are things beyond the ability of Japan to soon be able to accommodate the needs of the victims of the earthquake disaster.

Certainly very assistance to ease the burden on the people there, we were not able to provide assistance in the form of matter, can give the Benediction and support to keep them strong to face the disaster that is happening. The earthquake can not be predicted when it would happen, but at least it can make us better guard against, considering that Indonesia also frequent earthquakes and relatively high compared with the country of Japan.

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