Food for Patients with Uric Acid and prohibition

Uric acid is one of the diseases that should be on alert. Because uric acid turns out to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Uric acid is generally attack people who are elderly. But do not rule out also can attack you are still young. The wrong lifestyle is the factor that makes uric acid may occur. Prevention of gout early of course mandatory. But if you’ve been attacked by gout, you should not give up beforehand and better immediately change the lifestyle that you have.

Food for Patients with Uric Acid

Food for Patients with Uric Acid

How to change the lifestyle of the first course to consume food for gout patients healthy. What are some foods that may be consumed by people with gout?


Lemon indeed has a very sour. But behind the flavor, lemon juice can actually help you in relieving gout. This is because jerutk juice contains citric acid. It is this acid that helps you to reduce levels of uric acid. In order to obtain the benefits of lime is quite easy. First you simply squeeze the lime and making drinks. By eating twice a day, then the uric acid in the body can be reduced. For those of you who have better ulcer disease first consulting a doctor.


In addition there is also an apple lime that has a function to neutralize the high levels of uric acid in the body. Apples could be lowering acid levels in the body because they contain malic acid. If you already suffer from gout, it is advisable to consume an apple after a meal. Somehow eat while fresh or can be used as a juice. In addition it contains malic acid, apples also contain high levels of anti-oxidants are able to expel toxins in the body.

Food Containing Fiber

Foods rich in fiber not only can make you full faster alone. But it also can help you to overcome gout. Naturally, and able to absorb uric acid in the body is better and more leverage. After the acid levels absorbed and excreted through the kidneys. Some food for gout patients that contain fiber are oats, pears, broccoli, carrots and so on.

Patients with Uric Acid Food taboos

Not only pay attention only food allowed. The gout patients also should know what foods are not allowed. If the abuse and eating food taboos of course can aggravate gout disease suffered.


So what foods are becoming taboo for gout sufferers? Some foods that become taboo and should be avoided by gout patients are as follows:

Mutton, miscellaneous jerohan and lard.

These foods contain a high fat content and certainly is not good for consumption. All of these foods are very high in purinnya which is the main cause of gout. It is a food that must be avoided by gout sufferers.

Melinjo and processed.

Melinjo fruit also should not be consumed by people with high uric acid. Whether that is still shaped fruit or food that has been shaped into chips.

Processed food.

Assorted meats and packaged foods should also be avoided by people with gout. Because these foods contain very high levels of salt.

High vegetable purines.

Spinach , kale , collards and some other green vegetables are also not recommended for consumption. Because in the vegetable purines contained some substances that trigger increased levels of uric acid in the body.

Besides the food you should also regularly went to the doctor. So that the levels of uric acid in the body can be known. Do not forget to take the drug regularly. Consuming medicine course can help cure gout that you suffered. But drugs alone is certainly not enough and must be interspersed with a healthy lifestyle. How healthy lifestyle must be done by a person with gout?

Lifestyle that should be implemented by gout patients are as follows:

  1. Stop consuming alcohol or smoking. Because it contains a lot of toxins.
  2. Diligent exercise also helps the uric acid levels become modestly.
  3. Eat a healthy diet and in accordance with the portion to avoid obesity on the body.
  4. Increase your water consumption is also highly recommended that illness and various impurities in the body can be washed out.

Prevention efforts should also you have to do to those who have attacked the uric acid. How to prevent of course by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a variety of dietary restrictions uric acid is also not a problem for those who are still healthy. But still adjust to the ideal portion and certainly not to be exceeded. Avoid fast food consumption has also become one of the ways to prevent gout. Although you have not contracted the disease gout, it would be great if a routine check-up. So such as uric acid levels can be overcome unnatural start early.

Uric acid is a disease that can infect anyone. Both men and women does not even know the age. But of course this disease can be prevented. How to prevent gout necessarily as mentioned above, by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Consuming foods that are allowed for gout sufferers also must do. But do not forget to avoid food prohibition. Similarly, information about food for gout patients and hopefully can give you very useful information.

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