Here Benefits of Fiber for Healthy Eating

Surely we all are often advised to always eat vegetables and fruits. In addition to rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber. By eating fiber in sufficient quantities, then you have stepped forward in maintaining the health of the digestive system You.

 Fiber for Health Benefits

Fiber itself is actually a carbohydrate that can not be digested by the human digestive system. However, fiber function in increasing faecal mass and make it softer, so easily removed by the body. In America, a lot of cases that resulted in the emergence of fiber deficiency overweight or obese. In addition, other health problems also arise, such as diabetes, heart problems and so on.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to consume enough fiber each day. For women, the needs of fiber per day is 25 to 30 grams, while men, the need for fiber is 30 to 40 grams per day.

Well, if you consume enough fiber then there are a number of benefits would ang You can, namely:

    • Digestion and constipationPerhaps this is the most important role of mnegonsumsi fiber can you get, which is to help the process of digestion, including the overcoming interference constipation or constipation. In this case, the fiber will make the muck that is the remains of digestion becomes easier to pass out of the body.

  • Help overcome heart diseaseFoods rich in fiber have efficacy in lowering high cholesterol levels and helps in normalizing the function of the heart. The food including the barley and legumes, citrus fruits it also has a similar effect.
  • Help cope with diabetesThe diabetics found a decrease in blood sugar levels which simply means eating foods rich in fiber.
  • Overcoming obesityFoods that are rich in fiber will cause a sensation of fullness in the eat them, so appetite will decrease. It certainly helps a person in losing weight and controlling appetite high.
  • CancerMedical experts point out that fibrous foods can protect the body against colon cancer or large bowel cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. However, further research is still needed to further convince them.
  • remove toxinsDigestive process smoothly with the fiber will be helping with the body in removing toxins materials by means of it through the feces.

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