How to Make Apple ID Without a Credit Card

As a user of Apple products without having a credit card is difficult. Life has become dependent on the Gift Card or gift app (gift) from other users who have a credit card.

Many have asked us, how to create an account Apple ID for use in the iTunes Store, the App Store for iOS and Mac without the need to have a credit card. Following ways to outsmart the manufacture Apple ID with your payment option None.

Following way requires any version of iTunes for Windows or Mac. We recommend using the latest version of iTunes.

Open iTunes and then Log Out from the Apple ID that is currently being used.

After a successful log-out, find a free application in the App Store. For example, I look for MM Reader application. Then click on the Free button, which is used to download the application.

Because not have an account, login window will appear. Press Creat Apple ID to create a new account.

Now in iTunes Apple registration page will display the new ID. Click continue and can agreement presented by Apple. On the following pages, will be asked details of your Apple ID. Your username is the email address used. Make sure the email address is not being associated with other Apple services. Fill out the form correctly, then after clicking the Continue button.

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After which it will proceed to the payment methods page, will be available Payment Method None that have been selected. The section does not need to be changed, you just fill Billing Address. Input data correct address, if fictitious can look by Apple that will result in your account is blocked.

Once done, the next page will display a notification that you must verify your email earlier. Do it immediately, check the Inbox, check the Spam folder if not in Inbox.

Once the verification is done, you are able to browse the iTunes Store, Mac and iOS App Store with a new account without the need to use a credit card or iTunes Gift Card.

This trick iTunes Store implemented in Indonesia. I do not know if this trick can also be used in other countries store or not. For those who tried in other countries, please share in the comments below.

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