Mobile communications and earthquakes: wedding very “disturbing”

Is an expert in the aftermath of the earthquake consequences in every corner of the world and has been reported in every major earthquakes during the last 12 months. As we were to follow the event from minute to minute (and reports about them on this site), we begin to get a clear picture of what is wrong . The communication problem is one of the main problems back and we are confident that they can be avoided, best earthquake kit

Except that the earthquake itself may damage the entire world, a major earthquake today has certainly apply the same principal :

Major mobile connectivity problems when earthquakes strike

Result 1 : people can not reach each other and are very concerned about their family members and friends in other locations.
Outcome 2 : All communications (data, voice and text) are removed , including the most used by emergency services
Result 3 : people who rushed to their cars to go home (during office hours), to schools, etc. and create a chaotic traffic (even more chaotic when some roads are blocked by cracks, debris, etc.)

Overcoming the saturated mobile network

Especially earthquakes in or near major cities such as Vancouver, Tokyo, Christchurch, New Delhi, Istanbul, Santiago de Chile, etc are very dangerous for communication eliminated.
Lines can be eliminated by saturation or by technical failure .
We must look to both the reasons to find (easy, fast and inexpensive) solutions.

If an earthquake produces only minor damage, the line generally return to normal within seconds to minutes as people will calm down and continue what they are doing.
If someone, however, heard of people were injured, the destruction and loss of life, he will not stop until contact with their loved ones. This is perfectly normal human behavior .

Can we prepare people how to handle their phones after the earthquake?
The answer is NO
Why: almost everyone will think that his family or friends is the highest value in the earth and doing good “priority” service.
Teaching and preparing people what to do in the cities with a population of several hundred thousand, the UTOPIA .

Can the authorities and the Network manage the behavior after the earthquake ?
The answer is YES NIH
How? : In follow some strict rules “scenarios” such as:
a) with cut / VOICE limit communication by an earthquake alert level to high magnitude and limiting bandwidth for medium-sized earthquake. In the case of a partial outage for the service, everyone on the network can receive text messages such as ” Text messages are only allowed until further notice because of the earthquake “.
The automatic cuts trigger level and the appropriate message will be given in collaboration with seismologists / geologist based on estimates of their MMI (mainly based on historical data).
A technique called ” Your broadcasting ” Enabling a text message that will be sent to all mobile phones in the area specified in seconds!
b) by ordering the full bandwidth for a text message
c) block all internet data graphics (Picture / ad / video) traffic for Internet data – text requires only a fraction of the bandwidth capabilities of data
d) by ordering enough bandwidth for voice and data for authorities and rescue services of all kinds .
If the automatic trigger will not be accepted, a similar system can be triggered manually by organizations such as FEMA (USA) , ONEMI (Chile), etc.
The discomfort some would give comfort to everyone.

On a technical failure

During the first year of reporting we have seen some remarkable findings such as:
– A rather small earthquake in Peru makes it almost impossible because of a power outage mobile connectivity .
– In September 2010 the Christchurch earthquake damage revealed an amazing connectivity and outstanding. As long as so many other earthquakes, power is immediately cut off, but because the battery that keeps the beacon Mobile (overloaded) to do the job .

The simple solution to overcome technical failure:
– the batteries that guarantee communications for at least 2 hours should be mandatory for each pole mobile and station / substation
– Construction standards for stations and poles must be able to withstand the earthquake of 1-in-1000 , depending on the region / country. namely to build them with the same standards as other life paths such as hospitals – are required to have a minimum given the massive earthquake damage.

That’s the cost of all these measures is minimal compared with the chaos that will come with the tragic earthquake .
Authorities should impose all the action . The result will be surprising.
Technical wonders of today must be used up to maintain a well-organized society, able to handle a major earthquake.

Examples of the earthquake in which mobile networks down because one of the two mentioned reasons
August 23, 2011: Virginia earthquake – Asgottabemobilereport, it wreaked havoc on the cell network from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T. No one the company appears to be immune cells from a huge explosion of traffic phones.

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