Orange Leaf Benefits and Benefits for opportunities

Orange leaves often we see included in sauce or stir-fry dishes, but in general we do not know what the actual health benefits of grapefruit for this. Orange leaf has the benefit that can not be underestimated, ranging from treating cough, paved the urine, sweat launch, and is good for digestion. There are many ingredients in citrus leaves, so the usefulness for outstanding health.
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The content of the lime is Linalool, Limonene fly oils and flavonoids, such as Poncirin, Hesperidine, Rhoifolin and Naringin. While the ripe lime contains Synephrine, N-methyltyramine, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin A, B1, C, Citric Acid, Calcium. Here we review more about the benefits of orange leaves for health needs.

Orange Leaf for Health

1. Increase endurance
benefits of the first is to boost immunity against vurus and germs. As the disease cold, heat and others. This is because in oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.

2. Inhibits aging
Vitamin C in citrus juice to make lemon as an anti-aging. Skin cell damage from the sun would be tipped with orange mengkonsumsoi. One glass of lime juice mixture of water a day will keep your skin safe from the damage of skin cells, and safe from wrinkles and premature aging.

3. Curing cough accompanied by flu-
Orange is beneficial for treating throat problems such as coughing. A cough that is accompanied by the influenza can be treated with lime. The trick is to squeeze the lemon juice, and enter the hot water of 60 cc, whiting give a little water (1 tsp), and stir evenly, Drinks at patients with influenza cough twice as much as 2 tablespoons a day.

4. Cure fever, flu
Benefits of orange to treat colds and flu. Treating a fever is very easy to use orange. Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice, add 3 shallots that have been crushed, and give one tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the forehead with fever.

Another way is. Take one lemon and grilled briefly, then cut and squeeze the juice. Give one tablespoon of honey and drink it up.

Here are some benefits of lime leaves and lemon for health, may be an additional infomrasi for you in addressing health issues.

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