A glass of milk

One day, a poor boy who lives darimenjual goods from door to door, Motivator Indonesia
found that the left had only one thin beberapasen his money, and he was hungry.
The boy decided to ask makanandari next house.
But he lost his nerve saatseorang young woman opened the door.
The boy does not ask for food, he just beranimeminta glass of water.
The young woman saw, and thought that it looked hungry anaklelaki,
therefore he brought me a glass of milk.
He drank it slowly, and kemudianbertanya,
“How much do I have to pay for a large glass susuini?”
The woman replied:
“You do not have to pay anything.”
“Mother has taught us never accept bayaranuntuk goodness” the woman added.
The boy was then spent his milk danberkata: “From my heart I thank padaanda.”
Many years later, the young woman mengalamisakit very critical. Sudahtidak The local doctors were baffled.
They finally sent her to the big city, dimanaterdapat specialists capable menanganipenyakit endangered.
Dr. Howard Kelly was called for melakukanpemeriksaan. When he heard the name of the town siwanita,
a strange light filled the eyes dokterKelly.
Immediately he rose and went down through hallrumahsakit toward her room.
Dressed in robes of medicine he went siwanita it.
He immediately recognized the woman in sekalipandang.Ia then went back to the consultation room and decide to make the best effort
to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the kasuswanita.
After a long struggle, akhirnyadiperoleh win … The woman was healed !!.
Dr. Kelly requested the business office untukmengirimkan the final bill kepadanyauntuk approval.
Dr. Looked at it, then wrote something on the sheet padapojok bill, and then mengirimkannyake patient rooms.
She feared to open it, iasangat sure that he will not be able to pay tagihantersebut although it must be repaid
Finally he ventured to read tagihantersebut, and there is something interesting perhatiannyapada top corner of the charge sheet.
She read these words ..
“Paid in full with one glass of milk ..”
Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.
Tears of joy flooded her eyes. He prayed: “Lord, thank you, that your love has memenuhiseluruh earth through human hearts and hands”

The benefits of potatoes boiled for diet

Potatoes have a scientific name Solanum tuberosum L. is a plant that is included in the Solanaceae tribe. Potato plants have stem tuber that can be consumed, it is called “potato” as well. In Europe, the potato tuber has become a staple food in spite of coming from South America.

Nutritional Ingredients Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes have a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Natural ingredient that helps the body in maintaining health if consumed. The following information about the nutritional content:

When weighing 300 grams boiled potatoes with the skin without peeled first, then the potato contains 261 calories, 0.3 grams of fat and 5.6 grams of protein. But when peeled before boiling, will make it lose 0.5 grams of protein. However, either peeled or not the calories and fat remains the same. Similarly, the fiber content of 5.4 g plus 2.6 grams of natural sugar.

Boiled potatoes contain a lot of Vitamin B – complex. This vitamin can help the formation of blood cells. In addition, vitamin B – complex also helps break down carbohydrates and fats from the food you eat and be able to parse the energy from protein. One piece of medium-sized boiled potatoes will deliver half of the needs of daily vitamin B-6 body. Plus daily intake of niacin and thiamin by 30%. Boiled potatoes also contain vitamin C is quite a lot. But if the potatoes are peeled before boiling, vitamin C contained in it will shrink by half.

Potato contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. With the presence of several types of minerals, will help to build a neural network health, muscle function and bone health. Boiled potatoes consumed too large can meet the daily needs of the body ¼ in potassium. Unpeeled boiled potatoes can also meet the daily requirement of magnesium and phosphorus up to 20%.
Efficacy and Benefits of Potatoes Boil for Diet

In the diet, of course, there are many ways that do. One of the most plays is the daily food intake consumed. If boiled potatoes are used as dietary intake, the following benefits to a diet of boiled potatoes:

Eliminating Fat
Potatoes were able to assist in body weight loss program. This is because the content in the potato is capable of absorbing the fat, then remove it through the dirt.

Restraining Hungry

Potatoes have a relatively high carbohydrate content. This makes the person who runs the diet program will be able to withstand hunger longer. To diet with potatoes, baked potatoes should / boiled alone. This will make the fat content is not too high compared to fried.

Giving Energy
The energy gained from eating potatoes will help in your diet program. Energy gained will be used to do some exercise.

Not Easily Tempted Food
Not only withstand hunger, high calories contained in the potatoes will make you not easily tempted by other foods. One reason is that starch potatoes or meat that has been consumed will satisfy the stomach.

Facilitate the Digestive System
The high fiber content in the potato will help the digestive system in the process.

Stay Fit body
The content of vitamin B6 and vitamin C contained in the potatoes will help your body stay fresh and fit. Because in addition to carbohydrates, the body still needs vitamins.

Overcoming Hunger
Potatoes contain enough water. This will help overcome your hunger, so the diet program could run more smoothly.

Natural asthma remedies: Why inflammation can be the reason of Your allergies

Natural asthma remedies: Why inflammation can be the reason of Your allergies. There is an epidemic of asthma in our country and of all the countries. Most people got asthma once they are “childrens and” knew about it as adults. But now a lot of people are going asthma for the first time as adults and they want to know why. Let’s take a look at our diet and how it is impacting asthma .
Natural asthma remedies: Why inflammation can be the reason of Your allergies
Asthma is above all an inflammatory requirement minyak bulus asli. What asthma sufferers don’t realize is what they are eating can be compelling rash in the body which leads to serious asthma flare up .

There ought to have several learns attaching an increased number of rash as the underlying effect of asthma. Natural asthma ameliorates can be used to cool rash without any side effect .

When we snack inadequately over a long period of time our mas becomes imbalanced and rash starts to grow. Nutrient-depleted diets such as the SAD diet not only is unhealthy but justification chronic rash in our mass. Ever present inflammation determines sufferers extra sensitive to initiations .

Standard American Diet( SAD) consists of more Omega 6′ s than Omega 3′ s and we are eating a lot of sugar in our menus. Extremely much sugar, carbohydrates and overweights are ingested. Carbohydrate quashes our immune method and justification rash in the gut .

Omega 3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory influence, while omega 6 fatty acids promote rash. Yet we snack an abundance of omega 6 fatty acids every day. Omega 6 fatty acids are the ones that you see in most processed food and they are known as trans-fats or partially hydrogenated lubricants .

Evaluate your food. What we are eating is effecting rash in our the organizations and formerly this happens we start appreciating even more serious state issues including asthma. We become more sensitive to certain menus like milk, gluten, corn and a legion of other problems begin to crop up like sensibility to substances, dirt, molding, pollen, etc. Some people even become sensitive to the decorate in their bedrooms. Consider about contributing natural asthma ameliorates to your diet like Omega 3′ s- fish, fish petroleum, nuts .

In addition to unbalanced fatty intake, nine out of ten Americans don’t snack sufficient quantities of vegetables and results, which are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory vitamins, and other nutrients. Vitamin C and E as well as flavonoids have potent anti-inflammatory advantages. Supplements containing magnesium, selenium and vitamin C are great natural asthma ameliorates .

Cloves, Ginger, Onions, results like strawberries, blueberries, papaya and lemons are all great natural asthma ameliorates. They contain anti-inflammatory benefits and vitamin C .

Becoming complete again With Meditation

Becoming complete again With Meditation, The mind is restless and you may find it challenging to sit for musing. This is normal when you two are start a regular musing pattern. The highly-charged world-wide of action that we live in everyday perpetually calls upon us to react and respond to all kinds of external stimulus. The main thing to understand when starting to meditate is be patient .
Becoming complete again With Meditation
Meditation procedures diversify, but they all have the same goal, peace of mind. A district in which you experience thoughts more clearly, and guide your life in a direction towards peacefulnes and merriment. Some beings meditate becoming ever more calm during sessions of stress khasiat minyak bulus. Other beings meditate to find our more about themselves. If life is plucking you in many different directions you could return to the feeling of being entire by developing a regular musing pattern .

You may find it helpful to sit with the working group that patterns meditation regularly. If you are new to the practice a musing group will help you feel supported. Over season you will find decide of the thought and person becomes easier. And the length of season you sit for your pattern advances .

Yoga permits one to learn to use a deeper awareness of the sigh which allows the deeper nations of meditation to happen naturally. The physical change of yoga is revitalizing for the whole person .

If you have 5 minutes at the beginning or boundary of your date this is a good start for a new musing pattern. And after a week you can add another five minutes, so that soon you are up to sitting for your musing pattern for at least ten minutes. There is no prepared restriction on the time for musing. But the key is your desire and that you become more consistent .

Give your ego time to adjust to the number of a regular musing pattern. Sometimes it is helpful to practice yoga or other change after your musing. If sitting for your musing becomes requesting don’t be discouraged. A group placing could be useful in that you could ask questions or compare ordeals with others. Each season you pattern you will have more programmes that are contributing to redouble your musing. Although there are many records, articles and other tools available for purposes of musing there is a peculiar event waiting for a person who is takes the time to allow meditation to help them become entire again. It is OK to start with short musing sessions just where you are .

Common vehicle insurance errors to keep away from

Common vehicle insurance errors to keep away from. Before you rush into the market and ask for some repeats, please prepare all the necessary information and write them down on a piece of paper. The data may include personal information such as senility, address with zip code, profession, car simulation and time, etc. Some business will even involve approval compose and driving biography report. Depending on where you live, please check with local DMV regarding the minimum liability coverage required for every driver. It prevents you from to buy the inaccurate coverage and debris of coin. Deductible also plays a important role in determining your premium cost. High deductible usually conveys low-spirited premium cost and the other way around. You have to prepare to answer the question before you ask for repeats and see proper analogy between them .
Common vehicle insurance errors to keep away from
2. Not Likening Mentions

Some of your friends possibly recommend you to purchase policy from specific busines. It can be a good idea as long as your friends have not had any any problems with the premium, argue process, customer services, etc. It is still reckles, nonetheless, to pick insurance company only based on someone else’s recommendations. The best thing to do is to contact as many companies as you can and ask repeats from each of them. Most insurers now allow you to ask for repeats online, and the entire process only makes 10 minutes or less. Use the printed version of the repeats to make a appropriate and meticulous analogy. The total cost of the estimate from busines to busines is more or less the same, but the detailed level can make a huge difference that distinguishes the bad and good insurers, for example, rejects, payment programme, the use of approval compose to determine premium, etc .

3. Leaving Deductions

All insurance companies have rejects for customers. There are plenty of different rejects available including for elderly motorist, active military personnel, good student, and safe motorist. Deductions are provided for those who made defensive driving routes, bundling other types of insurance, and more. The total amount of price reduction by the rejects can be quite significant saving. The the resource requirements for fitnes can be different from busines to busines, but you can always ask questions about it to an worker. Try to do the necessary requirement to be eligible and save good amount of money .

4. Leaving All Fears to Captive Operators

One of the worse car policy mistakes to avoid is exercising a captive worker to decide and recommend what is best for you. Delight put in intellect that captive worker works for insurance company and the worker most probably receives commissions for every sale. It conducts the worker to strongly influence possible purchaser to purchase policy from a particular busines which is also the agent’s employer. In most cases, captive agent’s opinion towards the insurer will be biased since the only motivation is to see sales instead of customer’s happiness. An independent worker is more dependable since he/ she works for you , not any insurance company. The agent’s knowledge about policy and all related issues can be really helpful resources for you to consider everything before making a choice. An independent worker works for the benefit of purchasers. Such worker may cost you coin, but you are free to negotiate the premium for the services

earthquake-resistant construction: the Spanish are prepared to withstand an earthquake houses?

Early Wednesday one earthquake of 6.2 degrees on the Richter scale devastated several towns in central Italy , causing far 267 deaths and hundreds of injuries and extensive property damage. This earthquake has not been an isolated case. In 2009, the town of L’Aquila suffered a similar magnitude quake that caused more than 300 deaths, 1,500 injured and 50,000 people lost their homes.

In Spain we still have a vivid memory of Lorca . Earthquake disaster kit on May 11, 2011, the Murcian town received a jolt of magnitude 5.1 that caused nine deaths and 324 wounded. 80% of homes were affected and many of them eventually demolished . The cost of property damage exceeded 450 million euros.


In addition, in February 2015, an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in the town of La Mancha Ossa de Montiel returned to sow panic in media Spain. Against this background, many Spaniards today asked a question: is my house prepares to hold an earthquake?

Probably not. According to the Ministry of Development and the National Institute of Statistics (INE) , in Spain there are more than 13 million households with more than 40 years old , more than half of the total. The vast majority of these homes rose without taking any anti – seismic measures. In addition, nearly two million property is in poor condition.

In fact, although the first rules of seismic data cosntrucción 1968 (PGS-1), it was a compendium of recommendations that were not binding except in the case of large public works. Until 1994 was not approved in Construction Standard NCSE-94 Sismoterrestre , Spain did not count with modern seismic regulations.

High risk areas

Currently it is in effect the NCSE-02 , which targets a number of design and construction rules that aim to equip buildings earthquake resistant properties chord with the intensity levels that can affect the area where they are located.

The legislation includes a seismic hazard map which, expressed in terms of basic seismic acceleration, defines the level of intensity of seismic shocks that can affect every area. Huelva, Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Murcia, Alicante and small areas of the Pyrenees are the areas of greatest risk . Only residential buildings located in these areas are required to comply with the standard.

For example, in areas where the application of the NCSE-02 is mandatory is prevented new buildings for housing or public use whose structure is of drywall, adobe or mud walls are made, as experience has demonstrated high vulnerability to earthquakes of medium and high magnitude.

In addition, strict compliance with the standard in buildings whose destruction by the earthquake is also obliged, can disrupt an essential service or lead to catastrophic effects, regardless of where they are located. This group includes hospitals, communications facilities, fire stations, police and armed forces or water networks, gas and fuel.

strict regulations … does not apply

According repeated the College of Architects of Madrid on several occasions , the current Spanish seismic regulations is “very strict” . They claim that “if built faithfully following the rules, the houses put up much more than expected because, when making calculations, we apply some high coefficients architects to withstand much more.”

However, the German engineer Lutz Hermanns , a researcher at the Center for Modeling in Mechanical Engineering (CEMIM), reported that in Spain has not been met anti -seismic regulations in recent constructions while participating in summer courses at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo ( UIMP).

Is expected to Sismoterrestre Construction Standard NCSE-02 is replaced by the more comprehensive EC8, a European standard drafted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), which aims to unify the criteria throughout the continent.

Hermanns said that while countries such as Ireland and Germany have already adopted the Eurocode, Spain continues to be governed by its own rules and claims that “if you look at what has been built for five years and take the regulations in force realizes that many things are not met, and nothing happens.

Are they connected the earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan? part1

The proximity in time of the earthquake that struck the Japanese island of Kyushu on Friday, 15 April and caused more than 500 deaths in Ecuador the day after has worried many.

And that concern has certainly been fueled because the coincidence has led many media to report on other earthquakes that under different circumstances would not have reported.

An example is the earthquake of magnitude 5.8 on the Richter scale was felt near Tonga on Sunday 17 in the morning, when most of the world was just beginning to become aware of what happened in Ecuadorian lands.

And soon, with the help of social networks, many also ended up discovering that in previous days had trembled as far away as Burma, Indonesia and Vanuatu, earthquake kit list

Ecuador Earthquake

So, the questions are not waiting.

Are we are saying something all these quakes?

Is the temporal proximity of deadly earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador more than a coincidence ?

In the Ring of Fire

The answer in both cases is a categorical no . That is, there is no connection between earthquakes .

And all have in common is that Japan and Ecuador both took place in April and caused two fatalities.

“Japan and Ecuador are so separated from each other as possible be pregnant on this planet , ” says Roger Musson, a seismologist at the British Geological Survey.

“And her tectonic plates are different , ” he tells the BBC.

Indeed, both countries are located on the so – called “Ring of Fire”, but the Ecuador earthquake was caused by the subduction of the Nazca plate beneath the South Amercan .

While the Kyushu earthquake which produced at least 42 dead- was produced by a surface fault located on a completely different plate: the Eurasian plate .

And that also made from the seismological point of view the two earthquakes were also completely different.

Thus, the temporal proximity between the two quake was completely accidental.

And statistics also indicate that the match was not even extraordinary .

16 per year

Indeed, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS, for its acronym in English), the data collected from 1900 to date show that there is , on average, 16 major earthquakes per year.

That necessarily means more than one month , although the number of earthquakes with magnitude 7.0 or more may vary significantly from the average.

In 2013, for example, there were 19 earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher.

“And in 2013 passed twice we had two earthquakes of great magnitude with only one day apart in two very distant places , ” Musson tells the BBC.

“It seems strange, but if you go to a party and there are 22 others in place, the likelihood would find two birthdate share is 50%,” says seismologist.

“And the possibility that two major earthquakes occur on the same day is 30% , ” he adds.

Too much information?

However, as suggested by the USGS on its website, the way the information currently circulating can make many people jump to wrong conclusions.


Here Benefits of Fiber for Healthy Eating

Surely we all are often advised to always eat vegetables and fruits. In addition to rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber. By eating fiber in sufficient quantities, then you have stepped forward in maintaining the health of the digestive system You.

 Fiber for Health Benefits

Fiber itself is actually a carbohydrate that can not be digested by the human digestive system. However, fiber function in increasing faecal mass and make it softer, so easily removed by the body. In America, a lot of cases that resulted in the emergence of fiber deficiency overweight or obese. In addition, other health problems also arise, such as diabetes, heart problems and so on.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to consume enough fiber each day. For women, the needs of fiber per day is 25 to 30 grams, while men, the need for fiber is 30 to 40 grams per day.

Well, if you consume enough fiber then there are a number of benefits would ang You can, namely:

    • Digestion and constipationPerhaps this is the most important role of mnegonsumsi fiber can you get, which is to help the process of digestion, including the overcoming interference constipation or constipation. In this case, the fiber will make the muck that is the remains of digestion becomes easier to pass out of the body.

  • Help overcome heart diseaseFoods rich in fiber have efficacy in lowering high cholesterol levels and helps in normalizing the function of the heart. The food including the barley and legumes, citrus fruits it also has a similar effect.
  • Help cope with diabetesThe diabetics found a decrease in blood sugar levels which simply means eating foods rich in fiber.
  • Overcoming obesityFoods that are rich in fiber will cause a sensation of fullness in the eat them, so appetite will decrease. It certainly helps a person in losing weight and controlling appetite high.
  • CancerMedical experts point out that fibrous foods can protect the body against colon cancer or large bowel cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. However, further research is still needed to further convince them.
  • remove toxinsDigestive process smoothly with the fiber will be helping with the body in removing toxins materials by means of it through the feces.

May be useful…

Natural appearance and social status, countries in Southeast Asia

Natural appearance and social situation, countries in Southeast Asia, countries in Southeast Asia, ASEAN countries, the countries of Southeast Asia, the countries of ASEAN, the Southeast Asia, the ASEAN countries

Natural appearance and social status, countries in Southeast Asia

Jakarta Capital Indonesia

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Other countries also are in Southeast Asia are Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. The countries located in Southeast Asia are then formed an organization called the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). ASEAN was established goals for cooperation among countries in Southeast Asia.
Together with the neighboring countries, Indonesia friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Adjacent to the Indonesian state called neighboring countries. Other neighboring countries are Australia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor.
In the discussion this time we only describe natural features and social conditions in the countries belonging to ASEAN. Let us discuss these countries one by one.

1. Indonesia

a. Natural conditions
Indonesia is an archipelago of islands – large and small islands. Number of islands located in Indonesia is 13 667 islands. Magnitude islands include Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua island.
In the previous lesson in the fifth grade we have learned that the natural features that exist in Indonesia consists of a chain of mountains, mountains, seas, rivers and lakes. Indonesia’s highest mountain located in Papua, the Sudirman Mountains with the highest peak called Puncak Jaya, which reaches a height of 5,030 meters. Is the longest river Kapuas River (Kalimantan), while the largest lake is Lake Toba (North Sumatra).
b. Form of government
Indonesia is the country’s capital Jakarta, the country form the Republic and is headed by a president. The president is elected by the people. In running the government, the President is assisted by ministers chosen by the President. Indonesian currency is the Rupiah. Indonesia is the national anthem Indonesia Raya.
c. Economic activity
Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. Therefore, the Indonesian nation’s economic activity covering various fields from the field of agriculture, industry, mining and tourism. Indonesia is one of the largest tea producing country in the world. In addition there
Similarly other plantation crops such as oil palm, rubber, coffee, wood, rattan and spices are also an export commodity that is taken into account.

Indonesia is also the oil-producing countries and other mining products such as coal, natural gas, tin, gold, iron and steel, aluminum, diamonds, silver and mining revenues. In the industrial field, Indonesia produces fabrics and apparel. Several Southeast Asian countries are also importing raw materials and foodstuffs from Indonesia. Tourism is one of the largest state revenues large enough for Indonesia, one of which is

tourist island of Bali.
2. Malaysia
a state of Nature
Malaysia Wilayah extensive approximately 330 434 km2 which consists of two parts, namely the region of West Malaysia and East Malaysia.
a. Regional West Malaysia is located on the peninsula which consists of eleven states, namely Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Pahang, Perlis, Kelantan, Malacca, Johor, and Trenggano. Highest mountain called Mount Tahan at 2,190 meters high.
b. East Malaysia is located in the north of Borneo which consists of two parts, namely the states of Sarawak and Sabah. Here too there is the highest mountain is Mount Kinabalu which reaches a height of 4,101 meters.
b. Form of government
The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. The shape of the country’s government. Head of state is the king with the title of Yang di-Pertuan Agong is elected by the rulers of the state. Head of states is king. Malaysian currency is the Ringgit, and its National Anthem is My Country. Who run the government is the prime minister.
c. Economic activity
Malaysian nation’s economic activity, especially in the fields of agriculture, plantation, mining and industry. In the field of agriculture and plantations producing rubber, palm oil, pepper, tea, rice,
and copra. Mining produces iron ore, petroleum, bouksit, and tin ore. The tin ore to make Malaysia as the world’s largest producing country. In industry, Malaysia produce electronic goods.

3. Singapore

a. Natural conditions
Singapore’s total area of about 622 km2 which consists of the island – a small island. Singapore is a country with a strategic location because it is located at the intersection shipping lines of the countries in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and America.

This situation is exploited by the Singapore government to build a port that provides transportation and warehouse. With good service, so many ships calling at the port of Singapore making Singapore as busiest port in Asia.

b. Form of government
The capital of Singapore is Singapore. The shape of the state of Singapore is a republic headed by a president and head of government is the prime minister. The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar (S $). Is the national anthem of Singapore.
c. Economic activity
Singapore nation’s economic activity mainly on banking services, and industry. In industry produce electronic goods, and groceries. However, due to the limited size of the country which then
to obtain raw materials industry, Singapore imports from other countries, including Indonesia. The type of raw materials are imported from Indonesia, including tin, crude oil and natural gas.

4. Brunei Darussalam

a. Natural conditions
The total area of ​​Brunei approximately 5,765 km2. It is in North Borneo. South, west and east, directly adjacent to Sarawak (East Malaysia state), while the north bordering the South China Sea. Brunei region consists of two: the west and east. The western area is low-lying and marshy areas while the eastern region is a hilly area. Brunei Darussalam has a high mountain that reaches 1,850 meters.
b. Form of government
The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan. The shape of the country is the empire. Heads of state and government is Sultan. Currency Brunei Darussalam is Brunei Dollar (Br $). National anthem is a compliment to the Sultan.
c. Economic activity
Brunei Darussalam economic activity, especially in the mining of petroleum and natural gas. Brunei is the biggest oil producer in Asia. Brunei imports from other countries to the needs of other items, such as electronic goods, vehicles, rice, sugar, vegetables and fruits.

5. Philippines

 a. Natural conditions
The total area of around 300,000 km2 Philippines. Like Indonesia, the Philippines is an archipelago. Number of islands about 7,100 islands. Island – The big island of Luzon Island, Mindore Island, Palawan, Cebu, Negros and Mindanao.

Philippine Islands including Pacific Folds Mountains area and has many volcanoes which are still active. The highest mountain on the island of Luzon is the Mayon volcano with 2,421 meters high, while the highest mountain on the island of Mindanao is Mount Apo with an altitude of 1,954 meters. The port city of Cavite The Philippines is located on the island of Luzon.

b. Form of government
The capital of the Philippines is Manila. The shape of the country, namely the Republic with its head of state, led by the President. The head of government is President of the Philippines. Philippine presidential palace Malacanang called contained in the City of Manila. Philippine currency is Peso. National anthem is Tierra Adorada.
c. Economic activity
Philippine population economic activity is in agriculture, mining and industry. Agricultural products consisting of rice, pineapple, and sugar. Results include gold mining, copper, cobalt, nickel, iron ore, and petroleum. In the Philippines in the city of Los Banos International Rice Research Institute found that in English, the agency called the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

6. Thailand

a. Natural conditions
The area of ​​Thailand approximately 513 998 km2. Thailand consists of plains, hills and mountains. Lowland drained by Chao Phraya River, so it is a very fertile area in Thailand. The highest mountains are in the north and west with the highest peak is Mount Doi Inthanon at 2,594 meters altitude.
b. Form of government
The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, with the shape of the country is a monarchy. Its head of state is the king, while the head of government is the prime minister. Thailand’s currency is Baht. Enough on his song is pleng Chard.
c. Economic activity
Thailand resident economic activity is in agriculture, forestry, mining, and industrial. Thailand is the largest rice producer in Asia, so it is known as the granary of Asia. Mine output of lead and manganese among others. The forest products are teak, while the industry is textiles, cement, and electronic goods.

7. Myanmar

a. Natural conditions
The total area of Myanmar that approximately 676 552 km2. Climate contained in Myanmar Myanmar is divided into two, namely the southern part of the tropical, subtropical climates while the northern part. In the east there is the plateau that separates Myanmar with Thailand.

In the central part of coastal lowland forest fed by the Irrawaddy and some other rivers. In the north is bordered by China and India in the form of mountains (part of the Himalayas). In the southern part there is a coastline along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

b. Form of government
The capital of Myanmar is Yangon. The shape of the country a republic. The head of state and head of government is the president. Myanmar currency is Kyat. Our national anthem is a Free Homeland (Fatherland Merdeka).
c. Economic activity
The livelihood of the people of Myanmar in the fields of agriculture, forestry, plantation, and mining. The main results of the farm Myanmar is rice which is the largest producer in Southeast Asia. The plantation is cotton, tobacco and sugar cane. The forest products are teak, while mine output of gold, silver, zinc, lead, copper, and petroleum.

8. Cambodia

a. Natural conditions
Cambodia is located in the Indochina peninsula. Bordered by Laos in the north, east and south by Vietnam while in the west and north borders with
Thailand. Cambodia’s total area of about 181 300 km2.

Cambodia area through which the Mekong River is a fertile area. There Cardamon mountains along the 160 km which borders Thailand. Cardamon high mountain peak is 1,813 meters. In general, tropical country of Cambodia.

b. Form of government
Cambodia is a republican form of state. The state capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Cambodia’s head of state is the president, while the head of government is the prime minister. Cambodia’s currency is the Cambodian Riel. National anthem is Our Country.
c. Economic activity
The livelihoods of Cambodia’s population, especially in agriculture. Crops are rice, maize, and rubber. Cambodia is also one of the largest rice producer in Southeast Asia.

9. Vietnam

a. Natural conditions
Vietnam country located on the peninsula of Indochina. Its area is about 331 690 km2. The northern side is bordered by China, west of the border with Laos and Cambodia, and the south and east bordering the South China Sea. In Vietnam, there are several mountains and river deltas.
1) In the northwest there is the northern mountains with the highest peak named Fan-Si-Pan with a height of 3,143 meters.
2) the Annamite Mountains that is located in the western region from the mountainous north to 80 km in the northern city of Saigon.
3) Red River Delta stretches from the mountainous north to the Gulf of Tonkin. This area is a fertile area to be used as agricultural area.
4) formed from the Mekong Delta Mekong River.
b. Form of government
Capital country of Vietnam is Hanoi. The shape of the country is a socialist republic with the head of state is the president. The head of government headed by a prime minister. The currency is the Vietnamese Dong. Is the national anthem Tien Quan Ca (Forward Soldier).
c. Economic activity
Vietnam is the nation’s economic activity in agriculture, industry and mining. Livelihoods of Vietnam, especially in agriculture so that the main result is rice. Other agricultural products such as corn, sugar cane, tea, fruits and tobacco. The results of the industry among others
textiles, cement, fertilizers, and tires. While the result is a gold mine, iron ore, coal, lead, zinc, and phosphate. Countries Vietnam is a country with a tropical winter climates.

10. Laos

a. Natural conditions
Laos Indoncina situated on a peninsula, with a total area of ​​about 236 800 km2. Laos winter climates. Laos region generally surrounded by woods and mountains. In the north bordering with China, to the east by Vietnam, south of Thailand and Cambodia, and west borders with Myanmar and Thailand. Laos region north, there are mountains and plateaus stretching along the eastern boundary of the peak is Mount Bia.
Important river in Laos is the Mekong River which flows from the southwest to the southeast to the border of Thailand. The area along the Mekong River was used as an agricultural area. The Mekong River is also used as a means of transportation.
b. Form of government
Capital of Laos is Vientiane to form a republic country. Its head of state is the president, while the head of government is the prime minister. The currency of Laos is the New Kip (KN). Enough on his song is Sat Lao Tang Te Deum Ma’Khan Sulu Sa Nei You Asie.
c. Economic activity
The economic activity of Laotians mainly in the field of agriculture. Crops are rice, vegetables, bananas, papaya, coconut and corn. Besides farming, there is also a cattle business that produces cattle, buffalo, pigs, and poultry.

Healthy Diet With Fruits Tomatoes

Healthy food diet is certainly a nutrient-rich foods and nutrients that are essential for the body. Despite being in the program to lose weight or to get the ideal body, a variety of foods is still needed. So that a healthy diet should be an option for the adequacy of calories needed by the body.

Calories in accordance with the body’s need for help in conducting a variety of activities and events as well as by the body. So that the body still has energy for burning calories in the body is still running with the stable.

A program of diet do have a routine in the pattern and consistency. With a well-balanced diet will give you a reduction of the amount of fat. Especially fat that have accumulated in certain body parts such as thighs, upper arms, abdomen, and legs.

For those of you who are overweight is not healthy alias obesity, diet is not just to get the ideal body weight for the sake of appearance. But also as a deterrent diet the prevalence of various types of diseases caused by obesity .


A healthy diet with tomatoes

Adequate nutrition with high protein and calories and low bad fats that can lead to obesity are some foods that should be consumed in your healthy diet.

Many methods that you can actually take. Not just with body slimming supplement or even medicine with herbal content that is believed to lose weight, but to maintain and also set healthy eating patterns for dieters is that should not be ignored by you.

Some foods that can be your reference when you’re doing a diet among which one of them is to eat tomatoes. With so many benefits that are owned by tomatoes , you can have an ideal body weight. Usefulness is also famous in the world of beauty makes tomatoes favored.

In addition, tomatoes are also helpful in maintaining weight so it will always have the ideal body shape and well balanced. Tomatoes were not too many calories but rich in fiber. So do not forget to include tomatoes in a healthy diet to your diet.