Tips to Build Houses Anti-Flood-Budget Minimalism

Living in a flood prone area is in need of special tricks, especially in terms of building a house. You might imagine that build anti-flood home requires exorbitant costs. But do not worry yet, because the following five tips can allow you to build a flood-resistant house-budget minimalism, earthquake emergency kit

1. Create a dike

The first and simplest thing you need to do when building or renovating a house into a flood-resistant building that is to make a levee in front of your house. This dike wall boards can be nailed or cement walls were able to block the arrival of flood waters.

2. Expanding the sewer

The next thing you need to do is expand the sewer on your home page so that the flood waters to flow out. In addition to expanding, you should also regularly check and clean the house from the sewer waste that is able to clog the flow of water.

3. Make biopori

One cause is the absence of flood water catchment area in your home area. You should begin to create a functioning biopori optimize water absorption. How simple construction that makes a hole with a depth of 100 cm, then fill the hole with organic waste or residues. To be strong, given cement the hole 2-3 cm by 2 cm thick.

4. Make the home page

Never underestimate the yard or porch because this area is very useful in anticipating the flood. The home page full of grass and plants can be effective at the same catchment area, the first shield against flooding.

5. Planting water absorbent

If you already have a home page that is wide enough, the next step is to plant the anticipated flood water absorbent that your home page to function optimally absorb flood waters.

Tips To Make Your Home Flood Resistant With Minimalist Budget

Entering the rainy season like this, the threat of flooding is always haunting, especially in areas that often become flooded, when floods hit the most worrying thing is the safety of homeowners and damaged some parts of the house.

If indeed you do not have a lot of the cost of renovating the house, earthquake kit in fact there are many ways that can be done to prevent water from flooding into the house, one of them by doing the following:

make Levees

Actually, the main thing that can be done to prevent flooding is renovating the house to raise the floor, but if you do not have enough money to do so you can make a levee on the front porch or entrance of the house. The levee boards can be nailed or piles of sandbags. By making this dike you can dispel water when the flood came.

Check Sewers

Well, so the water is not flooded when the rains come, it is proper you check the sewers at home, check carefully whether there is garbage in the gutter can clog water movement.

make Biopori

One cause of the flood is surface water that does not soak into the ground, to facilitate the entry of water into the ground, you can make a hole biopori. Biopori is opening small holes are made in the ground. Its function is to optimize the absorption of water, usually biopori made on the home page.

How to make biopori actually very simple. First you have to make a hole with a depth of 100 cm, then fill the hole with organic waste or residues. Strong order given cement the hole 2-3 cm by 2 cm thick. Cost to make biopori approximately Rp 200 thousand.

Planting Plant Water Absorbent

Planting water absorbent plants can also be used as a solution to reduce the impact of flooding, there are some species that are known to absorb water well that is bamboo, teak, vetiver grass, mahogany, Jabon, tamarind, palm up daughter.

Breadfruit Leaf Benefits For Kidney, Diabetes, Heart And How To Process

The existence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases more and more sought after. Benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be a healing alternative health disorders without the expensive cost.

How to cultivate breadfruit leaves become a natural ingredient varies depending on the type of disorder that affects a person.

Do not let one cultivate it because it could be bad for your health.

breadfruit plant leaf propertiesBenefits of breadfruit leaves as an herbal remedy various ailments

Besides the fruit can be consumed as snack chips, breadfruit tree also save million benefit on its leaves.

Generally, the herbal medicine made from the leaves mixed with boiled and drunk the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then drunk directly or added to other herbal ingredients.

What are the content of breadfruit leaves Useful For Health?
Breadfruit leaf properties for treating dangerous diseases such as kidney, gout to diabetes can be seen from the content in it.

Some natural substances such as hidrosinat acid, tannins, riboflavin, helpful asetilcolin to fight the sources of dangerous diseases.

Recently a modern study conducted a researcher from China, the research found the facts if the function is very useful breadfruit leaves for the healing of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Herbs For Diseases

  1. Useful to treat gout
    Choose fresh leaves are not perforated, smooth and clean using a cloth if the surface is dirty. Wash the leaves are then cut into pieces and then dried by drying or aerated.

    The benefits of dried breadfruit leaves can cure gout how to prepare 15 grams of dry leaves, a handful of leaves Greges muscle (bibitungan), honey or rock sugar to taste and 1 cup boiling water.

Earthquake Resistant Design House

Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes. Viewing a massive earthquake that had rocked our country, it seems all most of the buildings in our country is not designed earthquake-resistant buildings. As a result, when the earthquake came, buildings that had seemed solid, collapsed easily.

In response, ITS, designing earthquake-resistant housing is cheap and durable. Ir is Tavio MS PhD, lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering ITS, who initiated the construction of earthquake-resistant housing that is simple and environmentally friendly.

Hasil gambar untuk Atap rumah tahan gempa

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According to Tavio, houses built with non-prace system was able to survive without collapsing when hit by an earthquake in the range of 7.5 on the Richter scale as has happened in the country of Haiti recently. At that strong earthquake shocks, the design house will be damaged Tavio only about 50%.

Tavio even guarantee, home design able to withstand an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale as occurred in Aceh in 2004. In an earthquake like in Aceh, recognized Tavio, this house is going badly damaged, it’s just not until they collapsed. By doing so, the residents can save themselves and other occupants out of the house. “The design of this house point on the safety aspect of life residents of the house,” he said.

To build houses earthquake-resistant, Tavio choose the method of pre-printed. The reason, strength and quality of concrete guaranteed (more controllable) krn made with fa-brikasi system. Development is even faster, saving construction costs when mass produced, the concrete is more durable and long lasting for guaranteed durability, as well as environmentally friendly.

“During this time, the concrete casting technique many poor homes, causing segregation (separation of gravel and cement paste) which makes the porous concrete. Mistakes are inevitable with precast system, for monitoring the production process rigorous and thorough, “. wooden structure and concrete cast, this house is also comparatively more resistant and high yielding. Wooden houses vulnerable to fire, termites, water, and weather. While the house of the concrete takes a long time in the development process and more expensive.

It was clearly different from the pre-printed tech homes. In addition to a faster, economical, and durable, this house is also safer from earthquake shocks. When a mild earthquake, the building will not be damaged at all. At moderate earthquake, the building can be sj damaged, but only on non-structural elements, while the elements of the structure is still intact. And if there is a fairly large earthquake, the building will be damaged but did not collapse.

“That is the philosophy we use when choosing precast technology to build earthquake resistant houses. Therefore, we see the wood or cast concrete technology has many weaknesses because there are earthquake resistant. ”

system structure

There are two systems that can be applied to the structure of precast houses, namely open frame structural system (open frame) and frame structural system walled filler (infilled frames). Open frame is syistem structure consisting of a frame beam column to hold the load of the earthquake, where the wall charger is not taken into account the burden of the earthquake.

While infilled frame is a system that consists of a frame structure beam column to withstand earthquake loads, where the wall charger calculated rigidity to bear the burden of the earthquake. How does the development process? In more detail, Tavio outlines, before implementation of housing construction starts, do bouw-plank installation, create a boundary markers and foundation construction.

It is noteworthy, peg foundation must be laid perpendicular to each axis. At the same time, dig the soil as deep as approximately 1 meter and then, flatten the base excavation, add sand as thick as 10 centimeters, and then condense. “After that plug palm of precast foundation and s £ oo / her one by one until lapped it all into the house intact.”

Keen to build earthquake-resistant houses? Cost to build earthquake-resistant houses is around Rp 60 million per unit to the floor. When created two floors, the cost to Rp 90 million per unit. It did not take long to build, only about three days with a workforce of up to five people.

Cost is still preliminary calculations. “The cost can be reduced up to 50% if the house my draft was produced by mass,” said Tavio. Meanwhile, ITS rector Priyo Suprobo, the supervision of the design of earthquake-resistant homes have said, this is indeed a new home for the draft but already passed various tests in detail and meticulous. By doing so, the capability in the face of a big earthquake it can be accounted for.
According to Priyo, this house is very suitable to be built for various regions in Indonesia are prone to earthquakes. Therefore, it would gladly bring down the entire staff to make it home if requested by the government.

Earthquake Resistant Construction House Of Bamboo

Earthquake kit list – The earthquake occurred in Indonesia is a natural phenomenon that can not be prevented and predictable occurrence. On average occur in a relatively short period of time usually accompanied by aftershocks.

Losses resulting from the occurrence of the earthquake was not a little amount, either the loss of property and loss of life.

Yet many losses and casualties caused by earthquakes can be anticipated and reduced by mitigation. Earthquake mitigation can be done by creating earthquake-resistant buildings and building above or below the cliffs.

Quoted on the official website of the Ministry of Energy, there are 19 areas prone to earthquake in Indonesia, namely Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bengkulu, Lampung and Banten, West Java, South Central, East Java Southern, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi-Palu, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, North Maluku, South Maluku, Papua, North, South Kalimantan and the eastern part Sangata.

Hasil gambar untuk Konstruksi Rumah Tahan Gempa Dari Bambu

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Buildings erected in earthquake-prone areas should be designed strong, according to the construction of buildings right by calculation.

If there is a minor earthquake that buildings should not be suffered damage to non-structural components (cracked walls, and ceiling tiles fell, broken glass, etc.) as well as the structural components (columns and beams cracking, foundation collapsed, and so on).

If an earthquake were allowed building suffered damage to non-structural components but structural components must not be damaged.

If a big earthquake damaged buildings may be well on non-structural components and structural components of the building occupants with mental principle should remain safe, which means that before the building collapsed is still enough time for building occupants to exit / place of safe refuge.

Bamboo House Construction

Basically all the materials used to make the building can be designed strong against earthquakes, but by using bamboo material will have certain advantages, namely the cost of construction cost, the construction period is short, can be studied and made his own, only required equipment is simple to make and a material that can be updated

Preferably used bamboo is a bamboo that has old age, has been preserved and in a dry state.

Species of bamboo that can be used for the building is kind betung bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper). Thick-walled and has a diameter that can reach more than 20 cm. Can grow to over 25 meters. Widely used for pole or building a buffer and also for the purposes of lath / rafters of the building.

The second type is black bamboo bamboo / wulung (Gigantochloa atroviolacea). Diameter 14 cm and can reach a height of over 20 meters. Also widely used as a building material and furniture because it is relatively more resistant to pests.

The third species of bamboo are bamboo lear / rope (Gigantochloa lear). A diameter of between 4 to 10cm and is widely used as a component of the roof and walls of the building.

Here are included some pictures to make the construction of earthquake-resistant homes from bamboo can be used.

The principle of earthquake-resistant bamboo houses should be made to the provisions of the bamboo houses built on land is flat, the foundation and the sloop (sloop angker to the foundation at every distance of 50 to 100 cm) around the house plans, lower end of the bamboo columns entrance to the foundation, and inner angker the lower end of the column is filled with reinforcement and mortar,

wall elements associated with the sloop or column must angker in some places, at the top end of the columns are surrounding the ring beam building plans, wall elements should also be in the armature with the ring beam. If there is a wall openings such as winds, windows and doors, should be given a reinforcement in the opening round.

Treatment of Back Pain

Causes of back pain vary, there is heavy and there is a light but most back pain is not so serious and can disappear by itself. Even so still you have to be careful if the experience because there is also pain that is difficult to cure back pain that requires treatment that is more serious. One way to cure lumbago safest with ace maxs consuming mangosteen juice made from natural ingredients with no chemicals.

As an agent of herbal medicine trusted online we serve ace maxs mangosteen juice for the treatment of pain in a very easy and safe, for ordering 3 bottles down we are ready to send first and then you pay for the goods when they get to your place. For more details please visit? How Message Ace Maxs

Treatment of Back Pain Naturally And Safely

Treatment of Back Pain Naturally And SafelyAlmost everyone must have felt back pain, lumbago vary this kind there is a mild and can be cured by itself some back pain that requires treatment of pain which is really serious.

Most back pain can be cured by relaxation without having to perform the treatment of back pain, but if the pain is not cured in the long term it will be very dangerous and should be treated seriously. Most back pain is caused by sepertisciatica disorders and arthritis or trauma to the lower back and can be called chronic if it does not heal within 3bulan.

If you are experiencing back pain should first check what the cause of the pain is because there are many diseases that can cause symptoms such as pain is not just a mediocre muscle disorders. By knowing the exact cause is expected to carry out the treatment to the root of the problem so that the pain is incurable.

One of the diseases that can cause back pain is a kidney stone, if this is the case then it is not enough ordinary lumbago treatment but had to directly treat the kidney stones. In addition, there are other causes that can lead to back pain, including:

The cause of lumbago

  • Muscles tense
  • Waist muscles are overused
  • Injured muscles that support the spine
  • Spinal abnormalities
  • The age factor that causes spinal disc degeneration
  • Physically demanding job for bending or lifting repeated
  • Standing or sitting too long
  • Previous spinal cord injury
  • Kidney illness
  • Obesity or pregnancy
  • Sports that rotate at the waist

That is among the causes of back pain, do not consider this a trivial when experiencing back pain since not all pain can be cured easily, there is also a chronic back pain that can take a long time to heal. To help resolve it now has a presence herbs Triflex Capsule of Green World are very good efficacy for the treatment of pain from within, in addition to natural and safe herbal remedies can also be consumed as a supplement to prevent osteoporosis.

Triflex Capsule Green World – The Best Solution mengobat Pain Without Side Effects

Triflex Capsule is a natural medicine supplements specially formulated to treat back pain, joint problems and disorders of the bone. Green World’s flagship product is created from a traditional herb herbs of choice that has been rigorously selected and processed with modern technology in order to maintain the purity of every natural womb. Triflex very powerful Capsule helps treat, relieve acute back pain as well heal chronic NATURAL, SAFE, and COMFORTABLE Without Side Effects.

Triflex Capsule is a good supplement to be used as a natural protection from the possibility of damage to cells and tissues of the joints. And is able to suppress the work of some enzymes that play an important role on the spine tendon as well as relieve symptoms of arthritis or inflammation of the spine. Very potent and effective in treating pain that affects the bone or muscle such as hips, knees and hands.

Here Efficacy and Benefits Triflex Capsule

  • Caring while strengthening bones, tendons and ligaments.
  • Relieves pain and swelling in patients with symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Help improve the functioning of the joint motion.
  • Meeting the needs of calcium on bone, increasing bone growth and repair cartilage injuries.
  • Penyembuhkan help accelerate bone injuries, prevent the occurrence of mucosal tissue injury caused by oxygen radicals propelen and help restore tissue and healing wounds faster.
  • Reduce the unbearable pain in the injured bone, muscle and joint pains accompanied by swelling, rash or redness and arthritis so that the movement be returned to normal.
  • Help treat joint and muscle pain because they contain phytochemicals, which help stop inflammation.

It has been scientifically proven able to increase bone mineral density, so it is very appropriate supplements consumed for repairs and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, as well as the maintenance of optimal health.

Product Details

  • Product Name: Triflex Capsule
  • Product Code: NK-TC
  • Price Rp. 378,000
  • Contents: 60 capsules
  • Packaging: bottle
  • Composition: Calcium carbonate, drynaria rhizome and astragalus extract mongholicus.
  • Consumption Method: A day to drink 2 capsules
  • Registrants & Importers: PT. Target International Group – Jakarta, Jakarta
  • Manufacturers World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co., Ltd. – China

Food for Patients with Uric Acid and prohibition

Uric acid is one of the diseases that should be on alert. Because uric acid turns out to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Uric acid is generally attack people who are elderly. But do not rule out also can attack you are still young. The wrong lifestyle is the factor that makes uric acid may occur. Prevention of gout early of course mandatory. But if you’ve been attacked by gout, you should not give up beforehand and better immediately change the lifestyle that you have.

Food for Patients with Uric Acid

Food for Patients with Uric Acid

How to change the lifestyle of the first course to consume food for gout patients healthy. What are some foods that may be consumed by people with gout?


Lemon indeed has a very sour. But behind the flavor, lemon juice can actually help you in relieving gout. This is because jerutk juice contains citric acid. It is this acid that helps you to reduce levels of uric acid. In order to obtain the benefits of lime is quite easy. First you simply squeeze the lime and making drinks. By eating twice a day, then the uric acid in the body can be reduced. For those of you who have better ulcer disease first consulting a doctor.


In addition there is also an apple lime that has a function to neutralize the high levels of uric acid in the body. Apples could be lowering acid levels in the body because they contain malic acid. If you already suffer from gout, it is advisable to consume an apple after a meal. Somehow eat while fresh or can be used as a juice. In addition it contains malic acid, apples also contain high levels of anti-oxidants are able to expel toxins in the body.

Food Containing Fiber

Foods rich in fiber not only can make you full faster alone. But it also can help you to overcome gout. Naturally, and able to absorb uric acid in the body is better and more leverage. After the acid levels absorbed and excreted through the kidneys. Some food for gout patients that contain fiber are oats, pears, broccoli, carrots and so on.

Patients with Uric Acid Food taboos

Not only pay attention only food allowed. The gout patients also should know what foods are not allowed. If the abuse and eating food taboos of course can aggravate gout disease suffered.


So what foods are becoming taboo for gout sufferers? Some foods that become taboo and should be avoided by gout patients are as follows:

Mutton, miscellaneous jerohan and lard.

These foods contain a high fat content and certainly is not good for consumption. All of these foods are very high in purinnya which is the main cause of gout. It is a food that must be avoided by gout sufferers.

Melinjo and processed.

Melinjo fruit also should not be consumed by people with high uric acid. Whether that is still shaped fruit or food that has been shaped into chips.

Processed food.

Assorted meats and packaged foods should also be avoided by people with gout. Because these foods contain very high levels of salt.

High vegetable purines.

Spinach , kale , collards and some other green vegetables are also not recommended for consumption. Because in the vegetable purines contained some substances that trigger increased levels of uric acid in the body.

Besides the food you should also regularly went to the doctor. So that the levels of uric acid in the body can be known. Do not forget to take the drug regularly. Consuming medicine course can help cure gout that you suffered. But drugs alone is certainly not enough and must be interspersed with a healthy lifestyle. How healthy lifestyle must be done by a person with gout?

Lifestyle that should be implemented by gout patients are as follows:

  1. Stop consuming alcohol or smoking. Because it contains a lot of toxins.
  2. Diligent exercise also helps the uric acid levels become modestly.
  3. Eat a healthy diet and in accordance with the portion to avoid obesity on the body.
  4. Increase your water consumption is also highly recommended that illness and various impurities in the body can be washed out.

Prevention efforts should also you have to do to those who have attacked the uric acid. How to prevent of course by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a variety of dietary restrictions uric acid is also not a problem for those who are still healthy. But still adjust to the ideal portion and certainly not to be exceeded. Avoid fast food consumption has also become one of the ways to prevent gout. Although you have not contracted the disease gout, it would be great if a routine check-up. So such as uric acid levels can be overcome unnatural start early.

Uric acid is a disease that can infect anyone. Both men and women does not even know the age. But of course this disease can be prevented. How to prevent gout necessarily as mentioned above, by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Consuming foods that are allowed for gout sufferers also must do. But do not forget to avoid food prohibition. Similarly, information about food for gout patients and hopefully can give you very useful information.

Mount Agung and Kelud volcano Login Most Dangerous

The volcanologist call Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima, Japan , as the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Experts from the University of Manchester said, the devastating eruption of the famous mountain since World War II it was a matter of time.

Earthquake preparedness kit – If the eruption Suribachi happens then expected to generate a massive tsunami with waves as high as 25 meters sea that could destroy the southern region of Japan and the coastal cities of China , including Shanghai and Hong Kong .

Mount Suribachi be pemuncak 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world that is likely erupted explosively over the next 100 years and could result in at least 1 million people were killed.

Another mountain that included this list is Mount Campi Flegrei near Naples, Italy. If the mountain is erupting, the impact is much more powerful than Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii 2000 years ago.

Although very rare eruption, but Mount Campi Flegrei is located very close to the city of Naples are inhabited by 4.4 million people so the threat is very real mountain.

“In many places in the world, oversight of the volcano is very poor and many of the less monitored volcano that is located close to densely populated areas,” said volcanologist, Professor Albert Zijlstra.

Since Mount Tambora erupted in 1815, said Zijlstra, has never been a more powerful eruption.

When Tambora erupted 200 years ago, the impact of the volcanic eruption made the world as if without a summer.

“In this century, there is a chance one will sedahsyat Tambora eruption,” he added.

Back to Mount Suribachi, the experts believe that the eruption is able to match the awesomeness of eruption of Tambora on Sumbawa Island, which is capable of causing significant climate change.

High Mount Suribachi is now 20 meters higher than it was in 1945 when US Marines raising the flag at the top of the mountain.

The growth of a magma chamber is believed to be the main factor that adds to the heights of Mount Suribachi.

In addition, the height of Iwo Jima Island coast also increases. Now, the island’s land surface as high as 17 meters above sea level.

That is, the island was taller one meter every four years during the last few hundred years.

If the eruption Suribachi happens then a tsunami with 25 meter water wall will be created. This tsunami can destroy the southern region of Japan and a number of coastal cities of China .

Suribachi eruption will equal the eruption of Mount Kuwae in Vanuatu in 1458 which resulted in a tsunami as high as 30 meters to the north of New Zealand and the resulting extinction in Polynesian culture.

Meanwhile, as one of the countries with the highest volcano in the world, Indonesia “donate” two volcano in this list. Both mountain is Mount Agung in Bali and Mount Kelud in East Java .

Here are the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the world:

1. Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Japan

2. Mount Chilpete / Apoyeque, Nicaragua

3. Mount Campi Flagrei, Italy

4. Mount Aso, Japan

5. Belt Volcano Trans Mexican

6. Mount Agung, Bali , Indonesia

7. Mount Cameroon

8. Mount Taal, near Manila, Philippines

9. Mount Mayon, Philippines

10. Mount Kelud, Indonesia

Mobile communications and earthquakes: wedding very “disturbing”

Is an expert in the aftermath of the earthquake consequences in every corner of the world and has been reported in every major earthquakes during the last 12 months. As we were to follow the event from minute to minute (and reports about them on this site), we begin to get a clear picture of what is wrong . The communication problem is one of the main problems back and we are confident that they can be avoided, best earthquake kit

Except that the earthquake itself may damage the entire world, a major earthquake today has certainly apply the same principal :

Major mobile connectivity problems when earthquakes strike

Result 1 : people can not reach each other and are very concerned about their family members and friends in other locations.
Outcome 2 : All communications (data, voice and text) are removed , including the most used by emergency services
Result 3 : people who rushed to their cars to go home (during office hours), to schools, etc. and create a chaotic traffic (even more chaotic when some roads are blocked by cracks, debris, etc.)

Overcoming the saturated mobile network

Especially earthquakes in or near major cities such as Vancouver, Tokyo, Christchurch, New Delhi, Istanbul, Santiago de Chile, etc are very dangerous for communication eliminated.
Lines can be eliminated by saturation or by technical failure .
We must look to both the reasons to find (easy, fast and inexpensive) solutions.

If an earthquake produces only minor damage, the line generally return to normal within seconds to minutes as people will calm down and continue what they are doing.
If someone, however, heard of people were injured, the destruction and loss of life, he will not stop until contact with their loved ones. This is perfectly normal human behavior .

Can we prepare people how to handle their phones after the earthquake?
The answer is NO
Why: almost everyone will think that his family or friends is the highest value in the earth and doing good “priority” service.
Teaching and preparing people what to do in the cities with a population of several hundred thousand, the UTOPIA .

Can the authorities and the Network manage the behavior after the earthquake ?
The answer is YES NIH
How? : In follow some strict rules “scenarios” such as:
a) with cut / VOICE limit communication by an earthquake alert level to high magnitude and limiting bandwidth for medium-sized earthquake. In the case of a partial outage for the service, everyone on the network can receive text messages such as ” Text messages are only allowed until further notice because of the earthquake “.
The automatic cuts trigger level and the appropriate message will be given in collaboration with seismologists / geologist based on estimates of their MMI (mainly based on historical data).
A technique called ” Your broadcasting ” Enabling a text message that will be sent to all mobile phones in the area specified in seconds!
b) by ordering the full bandwidth for a text message
c) block all internet data graphics (Picture / ad / video) traffic for Internet data – text requires only a fraction of the bandwidth capabilities of data
d) by ordering enough bandwidth for voice and data for authorities and rescue services of all kinds .
If the automatic trigger will not be accepted, a similar system can be triggered manually by organizations such as FEMA (USA) , ONEMI (Chile), etc.
The discomfort some would give comfort to everyone.

On a technical failure

During the first year of reporting we have seen some remarkable findings such as:
– A rather small earthquake in Peru makes it almost impossible because of a power outage mobile connectivity .
– In September 2010 the Christchurch earthquake damage revealed an amazing connectivity and outstanding. As long as so many other earthquakes, power is immediately cut off, but because the battery that keeps the beacon Mobile (overloaded) to do the job .

The simple solution to overcome technical failure:
– the batteries that guarantee communications for at least 2 hours should be mandatory for each pole mobile and station / substation
– Construction standards for stations and poles must be able to withstand the earthquake of 1-in-1000 , depending on the region / country. namely to build them with the same standards as other life paths such as hospitals – are required to have a minimum given the massive earthquake damage.

That’s the cost of all these measures is minimal compared with the chaos that will come with the tragic earthquake .
Authorities should impose all the action . The result will be surprising.
Technical wonders of today must be used up to maintain a well-organized society, able to handle a major earthquake.

Examples of the earthquake in which mobile networks down because one of the two mentioned reasons
August 23, 2011: Virginia earthquake – Asgottabemobilereport, it wreaked havoc on the cell network from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T. No one the company appears to be immune cells from a huge explosion of traffic phones.

Another Great Option For Travel, 2018 Subaru Outback

After the revealed of 2018 WRX and also Legacy, Subaru comes up with the new 2018 Subaru Outback. There are four type of this model which is Standart type, Premium, Limited and Touring type. Subaru Outback that can be a great option when you travel a lot most of the time. If you want the best feature, you should choose the latter one because it has a lot of feature addition that the other type doesn’t have. One of the best feature is the EyeSight technology, with this feature your car can change the light setting from high beam to low beam when it detect oncoming car near it. it is a great feature to avoid blinding other drivers which might come to unwanted accident. This feature only comes on the Limited and Touring type. Subaru also claimed that they made a lot of improvements on various aspect to improve quietness inside the cabin as well as improve your ride quality.

Image result for 2018 subaru outback

The steering wheel of this 2018 Subaru Outback also got some tweaks done, to provide you with a more smoother and enjoyable ride. The back seat passanger can find a rather comfortable legroom as well as headroom, making long trips feels fun and enjoyable. This model also has a wide interior with more space for a comfortable ride both for you and the passanger. They also didn’t forget to add new safety technology, so you can relax knowing your car has a great safety system.

Tough on the outside, but luxe on the inside, that is what Subaru wants to achieve with this model. Moving on the interior, you can find a new stitching design on the dashboard, and for the Limited and Toruing version you can find the same pattern on the seat as well as door panels. There are four color option for the interior of 2018 Subaru Outback that you can choose, Titanium Gray, Slate Back, Warm Ivory, and the last one is Java Brown leather.