The benefits of potatoes boiled for diet

Potatoes have a scientific name Solanum tuberosum L. is a plant that is included in the Solanaceae tribe. Potato plants have stem tuber that can be consumed, it is called “potato” as well. In Europe, the potato tuber has become a staple food in spite of coming from South America.

Nutritional Ingredients Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes have a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Natural ingredient that helps the body in maintaining health if consumed. The following information about the nutritional content:

When weighing 300 grams boiled potatoes with the skin without peeled first, then the potato contains 261 calories, 0.3 grams of fat and 5.6 grams of protein. But when peeled before boiling, will make it lose 0.5 grams of protein. However, either peeled or not the calories and fat remains the same. Similarly, the fiber content of 5.4 g plus 2.6 grams of natural sugar.

Boiled potatoes contain a lot of Vitamin B – complex. This vitamin can help the formation of blood cells. In addition, vitamin B – complex also helps break down carbohydrates and fats from the food you eat and be able to parse the energy from protein. One piece of medium-sized boiled potatoes will deliver half of the needs of daily vitamin B-6 body. Plus daily intake of niacin and thiamin by 30%. Boiled potatoes also contain vitamin C is quite a lot. But if the potatoes are peeled before boiling, vitamin C contained in it will shrink by half.

Potato contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. With the presence of several types of minerals, will help to build a neural network health, muscle function and bone health. Boiled potatoes consumed too large can meet the daily needs of the body ΒΌ in potassium. Unpeeled boiled potatoes can also meet the daily requirement of magnesium and phosphorus up to 20%.
Efficacy and Benefits of Potatoes Boil for Diet

In the diet, of course, there are many ways that do. One of the most plays is the daily food intake consumed. If boiled potatoes are used as dietary intake, the following benefits to a diet of boiled potatoes:

Eliminating Fat
Potatoes were able to assist in body weight loss program. This is because the content in the potato is capable of absorbing the fat, then remove it through the dirt.

Restraining Hungry

Potatoes have a relatively high carbohydrate content. This makes the person who runs the diet program will be able to withstand hunger longer. To diet with potatoes, baked potatoes should / boiled alone. This will make the fat content is not too high compared to fried.

Giving Energy
The energy gained from eating potatoes will help in your diet program. Energy gained will be used to do some exercise.

Not Easily Tempted Food
Not only withstand hunger, high calories contained in the potatoes will make you not easily tempted by other foods. One reason is that starch potatoes or meat that has been consumed will satisfy the stomach.

Facilitate the Digestive System
The high fiber content in the potato will help the digestive system in the process.

Stay Fit body
The content of vitamin B6 and vitamin C contained in the potatoes will help your body stay fresh and fit. Because in addition to carbohydrates, the body still needs vitamins.

Overcoming Hunger
Potatoes contain enough water. This will help overcome your hunger, so the diet program could run more smoothly.

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