Timber faller Lost Axe     


Once there was a woodcutter. One day he lost his ax, so he could not work. He suspects his neighbor stole his ax.

That morning when the neighbor set off and cover the equipment works with fabric, it feels ax certainly hidden there, let alone a neighbor’s smile was not genuine. Surely she thief.

The next day, neighbors and even feels so friendly greet redundant because rarely, this time taking the small talk. Moreover, the views of harvested timber is a lot of two days, he must cut down with an ax stolen.

The more you think about the more confident.

On the third day the ax just realized it turns stored in a kitchen drawer. His wife who was out of town the keeper there. Really happy hearts because the ax could be recovered.

He observed more neighbors passing by, and she felt the neighbors did not behave like a thief and a sincere smile too-sincere alone. Even the conversation was very fair and honest. He wondered why yesterday he saw his neighbor as a thief?

Perception shaping reality, our thoughts form our point of view.

What we believe will be more visible to us as reality.

For example, whatever the person we love is good and right. Brat is considered funny, lover stingy considered frugality, chatty people say attention, stubbornly principled spelled and spelled nutritious food is not tasty.

Life is never and nothing is fair, nothing really wrong, we create our own viewpoint. We find what we want to find. What is seen is not true, the fact is who we are and how we perceive things. Our views change with the changing times and circumstances.

Everything flows in time and space. Let us ponder.

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