Tips to Build Houses Anti-Flood-Budget Minimalism

Living in a flood prone area is in need of special tricks, especially in terms of building a house. You might imagine that build anti-flood home requires exorbitant costs. But do not worry yet, because the following five tips can allow you to build a flood-resistant house-budget minimalism, earthquake emergency kit

1. Create a dike

The first and simplest thing you need to do when building or renovating a house into a flood-resistant building that is to make a levee in front of your house. This dike wall boards can be nailed or cement walls were able to block the arrival of flood waters.

2. Expanding the sewer

The next thing you need to do is expand the sewer on your home page so that the flood waters to flow out. In addition to expanding, you should also regularly check and clean the house from the sewer waste that is able to clog the flow of water.

3. Make biopori

One cause is the absence of flood water catchment area in your home area. You should begin to create a functioning biopori optimize water absorption. How simple construction that makes a hole with a depth of 100 cm, then fill the hole with organic waste or residues. To be strong, given cement the hole 2-3 cm by 2 cm thick.

4. Make the home page

Never underestimate the yard or porch because this area is very useful in anticipating the flood. The home page full of grass and plants can be effective at the same catchment area, the first shield against flooding.

5. Planting water absorbent

If you already have a home page that is wide enough, the next step is to plant the anticipated flood water absorbent that your home page to function optimally absorb flood waters.

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