Jual kayu dolken – Choosing the best wood for a minimalist home is certainly very important, selecting the right wood really be aware of the time before building houses the wood which you wish to install in your home must have in-oven properly so it will not experience shrinkage or cracks, because if the wood may warp, the timber will be very difficult to diservice back. For these reasons, we recommend two types of wood is the best wood for your minimalist home. The two types of wood are:

  1. wood Bengkiraiwood BengkiraiWood bengkirai is one type of  wood  that is of good quality. This can be evidenced at the time of the workmanship . Bengkirai wood is easily processed as planed, cut, carved etc.Therefore, many people who enter this bengkirai timber into the class of the kinds of carpentry. And in practice, today many people use bangkirai wood  to produce a wide range of wood products. It can not be removed from the quality which is proving really good to the world trade. The quality and resistance to weather this wood is very suitable to be material in building your home.
  2. Camphor wood
    addition bengkirai wood, we also recommend the use of camphor wood. Camphor wood is wood that has been commonly used in Indonesia, especially in building houses, wooden Airport has a very good quality. Wood is best known for a very strong and durable as well as camphor wood also has a fairly smooth texture. Camphor wood prices have cheaper prices than wood bengkirai making it suitable for those of you who want to save your home development budget without compromising the quality of the building.

Such type Best Wood For minimalist . Hopefully this article useful to you and to be a reference in the wood to build your dream home.

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